• Second Generation New Zealand Selwoods

    Helena and James are first generation New Zealanders.  They had 11 children who are second generation New Zealanders.  This website is available to host a summarised life story of these second generation descendants, provided that a family representative is prepared to write the story.

    So far we have the following stories (in heavier type):

    Henry Selwood (1874-1962)

    Edith Annie Selwood (1877-1956)

    Elizabeth (Bessie) Selwood (1879-1948)

    Helena (Nellie) Selwood (1881-1957)

    Lily Selwood (1884-?)

    Albert (Bertie) Selwood (1886-1961)

    Charles (Charlie) Selwood (1887-1971)

    Rosie Selwood (1889-1965)

    William (Willie) Selwood (1890-1967)

    Evelyna (Eva) Selwood (1892-1961)

    Hilda (Tot) Selwood (1894-1975)