• Selwood Names and Tree

    Over many years, indeed decades, I have built up and recorded my Selwood Family Tree on Ancestry.com.  It contains over 5,000 ancestral and descendant names related to my Selwood/Sellard and Jeffery branches.  It is located as a Public Member Tree on the Ancestry.com website.

    I have found Ancestry.com very valuable.  It gives access to 11 billion records of all types, and enables you to search and utilise the information contained in other Public Member Trees.

    However, a subscription is required if you want to create or build your own tree.  If all you want to do is view my tree you could avail yourself of a limited 14-day free trial that is currently available, but you would need to opt out before you are charged for one of the subscription options.

    My tree is identified as “Grahame’s Selwood Tree” but it is not possible, on Ancestry.com, to search for this tree by name.  The easiest way to repeatedly access my tree, and providing you have an Ancestry.com subscription (trial or paid-up member), is to make a personal request to me (email to waltonz1@yahoo.com).  It is Ancestry.com general policy to hide information related to persons believed to be living.  However, I can reveal these persons for Selwood descendants in my tree upon a personal email request to me.

    Another way of discovering my tree is to use the Ancestry.com “Search” facility to select “Public Member Trees” then insert details about a particular individual (like Helena Jeffery, born 1855, Ottery St Mary).  You will then find my “Grahame’s Selwood Tree” amongst many others.  You can only copy one person at a time from an Ancestry Tree to your own Ancestry Tree.

    By using the internet and the power of gateway sites like Ancestry.com, it is now possible to tap into the discoveries of others in the global community and rapidly build and share your family tree information with others.  As an example, James Selwood’s (born Buscot, 1850) ancestry has been traced back to his twelth great-grandfather, Nicholas Selwoode, born in Somerset in 1387.  However, the level of confidence in the accuracy of the linkages becomes somewhat more questionable with each passing generation.

    If you access my tree I ask two things of you.  If you have new or updated information from your tree that could add to mine then please be kind enough to share.  Secondly, if you find errors or omissions in my tree then I would be grateful for that information.  Use my personal email address.

    Eventually, as technology develops, it is hoped that full access to the Selwood tree, ancestors and descendants, will be available directly on this website.